​                                         Holistic Horsemanship

                            Emotional and physical wellbeing for horse and rider

 Interactive learning that focuses on….                          

*Discovering how to be” truly present” with your horse.
*Learning the importance of understanding the prey/predator relationship.
*Introduction to integrative modalities that promote healing and wellness that can enhance the horse/human bond.

Your facilitators:                                                                                                                                         

  Robin Dunning                         
Co-Founder and President of the Horse Inspired Growth and Learning Center. Robin has provided Equine Assisted

Psychotherapy and Learning for clients from the US and Europe since 2004. She also serves on the Ethics Committee

for the EAGALA organization. With over 40 years in the horse industry, Robin brings a wealth of knowledge that

has helped many of her clients witness the healing power of horses. It is her passion to bring that knowledge to

riders and competitors of all disciplines to help them create a healthier and happier horse-human bond.


Trish Hechter
Trish’s passion is to help each horse be the best they can be. With her lifelong love and dedication to horses,

Trish created Hechter Equine Bodyworks to help her clients achieve the results she was witnessing with her

own horses. Trish practices Reiki and additional energy modalities, tension releasing exercises, yoga for horses,

therapeutic essential oils, and much more to improve the horse’s life while in a human’s care. “I feel it is

important for those who spend time around a horse to feel its energy field, to hear its breath and see its visions.”  


                           December 1, 2018

                            1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

                              Escape Farm

                          6448 Partridge Lane                        Cost: $50

                    Royal Oak, Maryland 21662

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