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   Dorchester Health Department Retreat 7/19 Update : Defining success,

  communications and self care were just some of the topics addressed. Here is one

  quote from the day : "Thank you! I know I learned a few things about myself as

  well as our Team.  It was a great experience! I would definitely recommend this

  type of training to others."

  This week Horse Inspired will be hosting the Dorchester County Health Department.

  Our team is looking forward to providing this  learning experience for their employees,

  focusing on self care and team building. Equine Learning provides opportunity for

  teams that   work in demandiing fields such as healthcare to ensure a healthier workplace. 


    St. Agnes Medical Residence Workshop

   Horse Inspired is pleased to announce our pilot program for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year

  residences from St. Agnes Hospital. It has been a  pleasure working with the doctors

  who come from various countries around the world. Our goal has been to not only

  introduce them to the modality of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning but

  to also help them identify the stressors they may be experiencing assimilating to a

  new country and culture while persuing their goals. The doctors will also have the

  opportunity to practice new ways of approaching their patients through awareness

  of how they "show up" as a caregiver. 

   Caroline County Board of Education Retreat

  On October 9th Horse Inspired facilitated a full day retreat for the 

  Judy Centers  & Family Support Centers in Denton, Greensboro and 

  Federalsburg. We would like to thank all the employees, staff and especially

  Tearesa French for attending this fun and enlightening day. Feedback was very

   possible and we look forward to working together in the future !!!

   Attractions Magazines Article

          "EAGALA Program Offers Hope Through Equine Therapy"

   Click on the image to read the article in Attractions Magazine that gives readers

   a look at our practice and the power of horses to heal.

   Written by Amy Stewart

    St. Agnes Cancer Institute Family Retreat
       Spring of 2017 will begin the 5th year of retreats that our center has been priviledged to host for The St. Agnes Cancer Institute.

  Participants will experience an Equine Assisted Learning activity as well as a riding activity. Patients and their families will have time             together to relax, reflect and re-energize with each other surrounded by horses and nature. 


 Update:Horse Inspired has completed its spring retreats with very positive feedback. In addition we are working with St. Agnes hospital      to create 2 full day retreats for their medical residents as well as additional family retreats this fall for cancer patients and their families.  This is our  5th year partnering with St. Agnes to create a space for cancer patients and their families to relax, reflect and have fun !!! Here  are some  comments from the nurses and therapists that have joined us for many of these events:

   " It is always so enlightening to share these experiences with our patients. Your staff is patient and kind and welcoming. They take the      time  to allow the clients to search their hearts and express their feelings. To watch the families share their joy, their listen to    their  thoughts and witness the strength that these children have.....all of it ...amazing !"

   Mary Ellen Bilenki, BSN,RN,OCN

   Oncology Nurse Navigator

   Certified Breast Patient Navigator

   Saint Agnes Cancer Institute

  "What a nice day yesterday! It was a great group of volunteers and families. Thank you so much to your team for the wonderful    experience you provided to our patients and their families. It really was a joy to watch."

​  Kelsey Gustaveson, LGSW
  Oncology Social Worker
  Saint Agnes Cancer Institute